Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Today, I was suppose to be attending the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, but due to some conflicts in schedule, I won’t be attending. So, let’s pretend I’m attending in spirit and share some favorite exhibitor products!

(I’m definitely going to be looking up pictures from the show in the next week.)


Ovando Powerhouse Wedding

Ovando is an amazingly brilliant creative studio that has been designing such contemporary, modern yet elegant spaces for weddings, fashion show runways, store fronts, ect. Each project includes fresh and unique flowers in their designs which definitely sets the mood and memorable. Could you imagine having your dream wedding designed by them? I can’t. Mostly because they are expensive and rightfully so. They are in high demand and have a high-end clientele. I’ll settle for being inspired by their beautiful tablescapes full of flowers and plants (Where is Spring?) and unique design concepts.



SARKOS NYC is a company that makes 100% hand-painted, made-to-order, wallpaper made by it’s founder, Stephanie Dedes Reimers. I’m a sucker for astrology and gold so the ELIKONAS wallpaper, from the Cosmos collection, speaks to me. The other collections she has are just as stunning and might pique your interest depending on your personal style or certain space you have. I can definitely see this used in a living/reading room as an accent wall with a bookcase like this from or, for a cheaper version (on a beer budget), spray paint this bookcase from IKEA gold. There’s plenty of examples on Pinterest of this particular bookcase being painted gold, for reference. 



Since I work for a door hardware company now, it’s only right that I be interested in other manufactures that have door hardware, too.

Baldwin Hardware has similar door hardware to my company. What is setting them apart is sets such as these that incorporate new high-tech devices such as fingerprint recognition. Sleek, modern with a splash of traditional style. OH, and it runs on AA batteries!! I’m intrigued!

Here’s some shots of how it looks on an actual door:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m hoping to be able to attend next year or at least be able to see these and other companies in any of the annual design shows open to the public or to the trade when I have the opportunity again.



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