The Art of Stacking


I love statement pieces in spaces. If the pieces are placed correctly, they can tell a story and connect an entire space together. Whether it be books, a vase with a single flower or a full arrangement (faux or real), or that cool figurine you found at a festival or thrift store or even while shopping for that one important thing at Target that you forgot anyway (Target has that affect on the best of us).

I tried my hand at stacking and styling. Before I show my first attempts, here are a couple of favorites:


Haken’s Place 


Jamie Meares

My first attempts are VERY safe. I don’t currently have many accent pieces, but I do have books! I’ll try again soon. Here’s my attempts:


I definitely need better lighting, but I need to also have more fun with it. I currently have a bookcase that needs some updating and organizing which means I get to spruce it up with some fun decor like some cool gold lion bookends or a gold geometric pen holder (I really like gold, as you can tell).

Or maybe something like this:


Star Figurine In Steel Finish

I’ll have to keep my eyes open for some decor that fits my budget (beer budget).



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