I’m in the process of getting my life together which means also getting my apartment, my home, together, too.

Thanks to Tax-mas, I was able to upgrade from my Bachelorette IKEA bed to a much more sturdy wood panel bed. (Still got love for you, IKEA).

I’ve got so many ideas in my head on how I want our bedroom to look, but the way my bank account is setup, it reminds me CONSTANTLY that I am not about that big spender life and need to come back to Earth. Thankfully, there’s Pinterest for inspiration! If you don’t have a Pinterest, you seriously need to make an account today.

So far, I have a new bed, new bedding, new dresser and a storage unit for my son’s toys. Take a look at my fancy adult bed😏😏

It’s really high, like at my stomach high. We love it… it is absolutely comfortable and it doesn’t make noise when we get in bed, yes!!

Bed: Raymour & Flannigan     Bedding: Target (on sale!)

On top of my new additions, I have a shelf unit I use as a bookcase & entertainment centerthat needs sorting out, organizing and styling. The shelf unit I have is this (KALLAX shelf unit in Birch effect) from IKEA.

Keeping Dark Gray Boxes and Light Brown baskets

I’ve been brainstorming how I want to style this so, I made a little sketch while at work when I had some downtime. Right now, this is all just preliminary sketches since I haven’t actually organized yet so I’m not 100% sure of what will be left once I de-clutter.

My Current Situation

I might have more open shelves than pictured or less. Since I also have my internet modem stationed on here, I will have decide if it will be best to have it hidden or have it within view.

Top of shelf unit

We currently have our high school and college diplomas along with my son’s first picture and birth certificate on display on top of the unit (and a lot of unnecessary things like lotion, spray paint and hand sanitizer that need new homes).

Living in an apartment is a little difficult when it comes to hanging art and such since it will have to be covered up before we move out (easy fix, but a bit of a pain). Our walls already showed us that hammering nails in the wall to hang things on can result in a major fail…

Exhibit A:

Le holes…

Honestly, for decor, IKEA, Target and Marshalls are really great price wise, but I need/want to go to a flea market or a festival to get some really unique pieces. I don’t have the opportunity to travel right now (beer/ water budget) so I can’t go to different cities/towns let alone different countries for decor. The internet is helpful for finding decor, but a lot of times what are advertised are pretty pricey. Sometimes the clearance sections in stores have some great deals on quality items and they aren’t always sold online. I’ll just have to broaden my range a bit. Maybe take a trip to NYC just to window shop… maybe find a new favorite store or market.

I’ll have to put together a mood board (need to get Photoshop, again!) for my living room and bedroom so I can really zero in on what I want. I like a lot of things and that can be overwhelming sometimes… especially when you have to come up with alternatives to match your budget.

A work in progress…to be continued.




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