Centre (Center) Door Knobs

        Have you ever heard of having door knobs in the middle (center) of your door? Probably not here in the States, but over in Europe, it’s not something unusual. Take a second to learn with me.

Back in the 1700’s /1800’s, during both the Georgian and Victorian Era, centre door knobs were used in the center of front doors which had 6 or 4 panels on the door. Don’t worry if you can’t picture it, there will be pictures to follow.

The first time I saw one of these I thought, “How on Earth can anyone turn this big thing?“. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

 According to Priors Reclamation, centre door knobs were usually paired with a letter plate and a door knocker. The centre door knob itself is fixed to the door with no screws or screw holes shown (concealed fix) and is used to aid pushing or pulling the door.

My next thought I was reading was, “Okay, but how is this door locking? Did I miss something?

I did miss something. The doors do have locks just closer to the edge so it is aligned with the deadbolt or other locking mechanism. To close and lock the door, pull the door using the knob and proceed to lock the door with the key. For some doors, people had to hold the centre door knob while locking the door (an old door would make you do that). To open, you unlock the lock and use the knob to push the door inward to enter.

Here’s a picture of a traditional 6-panel door (Georgian Era style) with a splash of bold color:


(Fuchsia Pink Door)

Centre door knobs and other door hardware are made traditionally from brass or bronze, but I have seen them made in nickle.

Side note: I learned from my current job, the way they get other finishes, such as chrome, is by a technique called, “electroplating”, where a thin layer of chromium is plated onto a metal object by hydrolysis (the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water).

Verdict: My fiance says, “Ew…” and I say, “Hmm…

Unfortunately, this kind of hardware isn’t really budget-friendly for me (beer budget). These pieces of hardware are pretty piece-y, like ~$200+ per/ knob. This kind of purchase is  more like, “Maybe during Tax-mas I can splurge on some accessories for the house!

(I don’t own a house, by the way).

These door knobs have truly piqued my interest. I really like them. Maybe I’ll get a chance to have one on my front door some day.

Even if centre door knobs aren’t for you, try some other hardware like a door knocker, a letter plate, a modern house number plaque, a nice door bell or “bell push”. Spice it up with a bold color of your choice to add personality and curb appeal to your home.

I’ve seen pictures of centre door knobs on apartment doors! 

Tell me what you think about this and other posts by leaving a comment!

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest for more door hardware and more! I’ll leave you off with some other favorites for further inspiration:


The Paper Mulberry




The Hampshire Door Company



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