Wedding Bells?

I’m engaged, but no wedding date in sight. Realistically, spending 10G’s on a wedding is not something I need to be doing (because student loans). When I first got engaged in November, I was browsing wedding dresses and venues. I was thinking of themes for the wedding like a tropical beach wedding, a destination wedding, or even a garden wedding at the NY Botanical Gardens. I know, realistically, the most cost-efficient way to get married other than City Hall, is in our own house. We are apartment dwellers and a wedding in our one-bedroom apartment is obviously not happening.

The first order of business is possibly owning a townhouse or maybe even rent a house. We’re in limbo since we do want to move this year, but budget may not allow that. If we move next year, we’d have more money saved up, but the universal question is still, where should we move? Location, location, location. We don’t want to stay in our current city, but at the moment we can’t afford most places in nearby towns. Also, the location needs to be in a practical distance from our workplace because who wants to be commuting an hour or more to and from work?

I’d love to have a backyard wedding that I could plan and decorate. I wouldn’t mind doing some DIY centerpieces and goodies for the guests to take home. Our wedding wouldn’t be huge, maybe about 30- 45 or so people (close friends and family). I imagine having lots of greenery and flowers, definitely a garden-themed wedding. I’d have to have terrariums and succulents and splashes of  gold accents (because gold!). I have so many pins on my Pinterest for my future wedding under a board called, “Garden Nuptials”


Perfect blend of gold/greenery/flowers

I don’t necessarily want my wedding to be a rustic-feel wedding since my heart loves a luxurious and glamorous feel. Not over the top, but just the right amount to still be borderline simplistic. Maybe I’ll call it, “Whimsical Luxe Garden“.


Whimsical Wedding In San Diego

This particular wedding, if you click on the link under the picture, is absolutely adorable. I love the picture frame with the geometric stand. The vibrant colors from the flowers are a wonderful touch along with the gold cutlery and plates to match.




I’m really a sucker for gold… seriously.

Maybe I could get some chairs from a consignment store and spray paint them gold and reupholster the seats. I’ve never reupholstered anything so that would be fun to try/learn. My father-in-law used to be a seamstress so maybe he can give me a hand with that (and YouTube tutorials!)


Pre-Wedding Idea

The balloons with pictures idea would be great for before the ceremony inside the house for guests to observe. It’s a good idea if you don’t want to do a projector screen. There would be more food on the table, of course. I definitely would LOVE to have sushi at my wedding. Light appetizers and entrees would be the way to go. I don’t want to be so stuffed that I can’t have more than one dance on my wedding night.

(Leslie Rosen Catering/ photo by: Paul Loftland)

Yumm… yes please! Lovely, delicious eel and shrimp! Look at that humongous bowl of cocktail shrimp! Heavenly!

Maybe brunch would be a good idea. Brunch tends to be the least expensive choice for those who have their ceremony and reception in the same location. Eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, coffee, orange juice… I can get with that. I love breakfast. Not sure what to add for the lunch part of brunch. Maybe sandwiches? Fruit and veggies?


Photo by: Jill Thomas

I’ll eat syrup-drenched pancakes happily with a side of eggs and bacon… and


Mimosas, anyone?

As for the cake:


Hello, beautiful…

This is gorgeous. Simple and elegant. I, obviously, need some gold on it, just a dash, but this is something I would love. Whipped cream frosting, please! I can NOT do buttercream. It is way too sweet for me.

For favors, I think I’d like to give out mini wine bottles and a cookie kit like these:


DIY Cookie Mason Jar


Wine Bottle Favors

Something Turquoise is really a great source for inspiration if you are into DIY or even if it isn’t your thing. You can get ideas to translate to the person who can make these and other ideas come to life.

For me, it works that I don’t have a wedding date picked out yet. I don’t have to rush, I don’t have to feel pressured into making haste decisions. I can try on dresses, try cakes (because why not?) and figure out a realistic budget of how much things really cost so when we are in a home of our own, we can set a date and have our little wedding.

I know we could just get married in City Hall and have a nice reception at a restaurant, but I would love to have something more romantic and intimate. Cleaning up will be a pain, for sure. Maybe we’ll just do fancy paper plates and buy those industrial sized garbage bags? This won’t be the last post about the future wedding. I’m all eyes & ears for tips and tricks, though!

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