Apartment Life (step 1)

I’m currently in the middle of brainstorming how I will be styling my apartment. It’s a work in progress due to lack of funds, but it is always fun to imagine how I’d like it to look in the meantime.

As I showed in a previous post, I am working on styling my apartment, specifically my bedroom and shelving unit/ entertainment center.

I made two vision boards; one for our bedroom and one for the living room… both works in progress.


I really love the mirrored look for bedside tables! Especially for a small space. Our room is decent sized, but we share the space with our toddler so, the “grown-up” space is down-sized a bit. I really lover deep brown wood tones and blue is my favorite color. Making the space not only welcoming for me, but welcoming for my fiance is important. I want a space that has an even blend of “masculine” and “feminine” aspects in the design. The finishing touches that include our son’s drawing (one of my favorites) really allow our bedroom show pieces of all of us. I’m thinking of letting our son draw on some more paper and then adding some of my drawings for a small gallery wall above out headboard and on the other walls in the room.
KALLAX styling.png

I used Photoshop to insert the cube storage boxes and our TV into the shelving unit to get a better mental image of the final product. Still haven’t got around to organizing the shelving unit. I need like a weekend dedicated to just spring cleaning; out with the old, in with less.

Once I clean up the shelving unit, I will definitely have less clutter in sight. I will using one of the storage cubes to place our internet modem in. I’m thinking I may need to configure the back of the cube so that the modem doesn’t overheat.

With the clutter gone and some things stowed away, I’ll have plenty of space to display our books and our growing library. All my design-related books can be together and the other books can be arranged together in a tasteful way.

I’m excited. We got into our bedroom and hallway closets the other day to get rid of things and reorganize. We’ll be needing more storage furniture to keep things in order and tidy.

This is a small update for a bigger update to come; the actual process and result. The items I picked in my first vision board is strictly for inspiration. I know for sure I can find the same looks for less at stores like Marshalls and Target’s clearance or $1-$5 section. The best thing to do when shopping for furniture or anything really, look around, scout for good deals and also variety on certain types of merchandise (i.e. shirts, sofas, accessories, shoes, ect.)


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