Cremone bolts 

There isn’t much about the history of  cremone bolts besides their origin being from Europe, possibly France, as they are most commonly used on French doors or they may be named after Cremona, a city in northern Italy.

The definition of a cremone, according to Merriam Webster, is: a fastening used on double doors and casement windows that has vertical rods moved up and down so that the ends of the bolts engage the top and bottom of the frame.

Essentially, a cremone “cassette” (the box that holds the locking mechanism), is accompanied by a vertical rod set that operates with a lever or a knob. When the knob or lever is turned or pulled, the rods unlock and are locked when they are placed back into their resting position. These bolts are surface mounted for added security.Cremone bolts are sometimes confused with an espagnolette lock due to their similar appearance. Both bolts are commonly used on windows which can also cause the confusion in terminology. The difference is the handle. Cremone bolts use levers, knobs and thumb turns accompany either of the latter depending on the cremone bolt. Espagnolettes have a drop-hang lever to operate the bolt, much like the handles on the back of trucks.

espagnolette on a Juliet balcony


cremone bolt on window

Cremone bolts have become more popular in the last year or so for the company I work for. Designers, contractors and architects alike have inquiring about the way cremone bolts work and what they can be used for. They are available in a variety of finishes in brass, silver, and bronze. There is a catch though. Though they are available in many finishes, some have to undergo special cutting when it comes to the rod sets so, it is always best to do the necessary research with the manufacturer to make sure it suits your needs and to understand what to expect when you order your cremone bolt especially if you have a unique door/surface you want to use it on.  Us creatives have a vision in mind, but at times, we don’t consider all the details involved.

Cremone bolts on cabinets have been the latest decorative hardware being used in residential homes. I mean, look at it.

Frank Allart cremone bolts on cabinet doors (The Golden Lion)
Frank Allart cremone bolts on cabinet doors (Fulham Brass)
Cremone bolts on cabinet doors (

How sleek, modern and sophisticated these cabinets look with cremone bolts? An added detail to really show the character of the space. The designer or contractor can decide with their client to have the cremone bolts be operable or non-operable (dummy mounted/fixed dead).

It is truly inspiring how these bolts can dress up a space in many ways and add the finishing touches in ways one may not at first imagine. You can use them to get an industrial look or a traditional antique feel or a sleek modern look. Don’t feel pressured to only use knobs, there are levers available, too. Shop around before settling on the hardware. Different manufacturers offer different options. Get recommendations on the quality of the customer service of the dealer and the quality of the products; it will make all the difference.




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