What I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been keeping busy couple of months between working, trying to work out, and spending time with my family. I have been studying for the IDFX  (Interior Design Fundamentals Exam) section of the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) certification exams which is three parts. I don’t currently have the two years of work experience to take the last two sections which include the Practical and the IDPX (Interior Design Professional Exam).  While in the process of studying, I had two design opportunities come my way. I just finished up a menu for a catering business that is just taking off here in Connecticut. The executive chef has worked for many clients in the past, but is looking to really get the business going using a new approach to draw new clients in. My fiance told the chef, who is also my fiance’s co-worker, that I could to help him design the menu since I have experience using design software such as Photoshop. I was able to complete the menu (with a few revisions) in about a week while at work on my down time and a few hours at home . 

The chef, my client, saw the final product a few weeks ago and was pleased with the work I had done. His vision for his catering menu has come to life. I provided him with to options for the border since my fiance and I had the idea of adding some texture to the menu.  My fiance came up the idea of adding a rope to the border which gives the menu a home-grown feeling, a laid-back essence. My client decided the plain yellow border was best as it keeps the menu nice and bright.

Here is the final product:

Before I started this project, a friend of mine in Colorado asked me to help design her family’s playroom. Playrooms are fun to design. The possibilities are endless, but the problem is distance in this case. I won’t physically be able to create the space in person. This project is definitely an example of e-design. I was able to share my ideas for the space and provide perspective sketches, floor plans and furniture plans without being physically present. For styling purposes, I can only give suggestions as most store have different products in store from online and vice versa. Since, her budget is unknown, I tried to keep the budget on the lower side. Some items may need to be substituted due to availability and due to pricing.  To allow flexibility, I included two options for products such as the activity table in case it does not fit her budget and it doesn’t compromise the design for the space.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope I will be able to gain more solo experience while I am applying for positions in the next few months. All I need is to get my foot in the door with one firm or company and the rest is up to me.

Wish me luck!



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