Here’s a little about myself.

My name is Sheyna. I’m a twenty-something freelance interior designer working on starting my own art & design studio. I finally have my toe in the door of my career. I say ‘toe‘ because the experience I get from the position I am currently holding doesn’t count towards my certification, but I am and will learn a ton with the company I’m working for!

I intend this blog to be mostly design focused, but also be a lifestyle blog ’cause life is always happening, you know.

Here’s some fun facts about me! :

-My personality is: INTP-T on the Briggs-Meyers Personality Test

 -I have a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design

(Don’t know what interior design is? Read my posts or follow my Pinterest to get a taste!)

-I originally wanted to be an architect, but changed focus to interior design because I hate math… Fact is, interior design has lots of math, too… womp, womp

-I LOVE SUSHI! & Ramen and Fried Ice Cream…

-I enjoy painting and sketching though I’ve been neglecting those passions

-I’m a curly-hair enthusiast

That’s all for now. I’m sure more interesting stuff will come up in my posts!


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