Colorado Playroom

This project was my first real project post-graduation. A friend of mine reached out to me for some help styling a playroom for her children. Since she lives states away in Colorado, I provided an e-design service with her. When she contacted me, she provided a video walk-through of the space. After watching the video, I drew a rough sketch of the floor plan and I asked for the wall measurements. Once the floor plan was finalized, I proceeded to gather ideas for the space (i.e. color scheme, inspirational pictures). I contacted my friend to ask what colors she usually gravitated to. She’s more a neutrals kind of person so, she left the color scheme up to me. I provided her the two pictures I chose the colors from so she could see where my design was going. I kept in mind that she likes neutrals and provides a soft color scheme with some pops of bright colors like yellow and aqua. All the big furniture were beige or white while the smaller furniture (such as the children’s chairs) and decor were colorful.

Once I was finished designing the space using Sketchup, I put together a video walk-through of the model. Although I provided sketches, I wanted my friend to really envision the space since I would not be the one physically completing the project.



Playroom Presentation-3

Playroom Presentation-4

Playroom Presentation-5



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