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Since I only have my bachelor’s degree with no work experience in the industry , I can’t call myself an interior designer where I live. This is because certain states have legislature that states you can only refer to yourself as an interior designer if you are licensed through the CIDQ (Council for Interior Design Qualification). interior-design-licensure

Bummer right? Not quite. I can still design and style spaces under the title, Interior Decorator. I basically can’t knock down walls for clients until I am licensed. I can prime/paint walls, re-design a space with existing furniture or source new furniture/fixtures and style the space with decor. Continue reading “NCIDQ & Me”

“Damn, Sheyna! Back at it again…”

Don’t worry. I’m not trying to make that phrase a thing. I am back at it again… it being blogging. I was approaching this blogging experience the wrong way before. In order to make this blog successful, it can’t be a chore, it has to be something I look forward to do.

It has been a busy few months personally so, I definitely needed some time away to refresh my mind and come back ready to write/create. I decided about 2 weeks ago that I would take a hiatus and try again once I came back from a well needed family vacation to Mrytle Beach (which was very relaxing minus the travel time!). I continued posting pictures on my Instagram account in the meantime. Before taking my hiatus, I took time to indulge in two of my passions; drawing and painting. It’s hard to find time for enjoyable activities in the hustle and bustle of work, life, and being a parent. I’m glad I forced myself to think creatively and put pencil to sketchbook paper with the aid of Sketchbook Skool’s, “A Drawing a Day prompt list. It had been way too long since I drew from imagination. I was proud of myself and love the sketches I came up with from the one word prompts (will post later). 

I didn’t complete the whole month. If you are like me who has a bajillion thoughts that creep up in your mind, you’ll understand.shrug emoji Continue reading ““Damn, Sheyna! Back at it again…””

What I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been keeping busy couple of months between working, trying to work out, and spending time with my family. I have been studying for the IDFX  (Interior Design Fundamentals Exam) section of the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) certification exams which is three parts. I don’t currently have the two years of work experience to take the last two sections which include the Practical and the IDPX (Interior Design Professional Exam).  While in the process of studying, I had two design opportunities come my way. I just finished up a menu for a catering business that is just taking off here in Connecticut. The executive chef has worked for many clients in the past, but is looking to really get the business going using a new approach to draw new clients in. My fiance told the chef, who is also my fiance’s co-worker, that I could to help him design the menu since I have experience using design software such as Photoshop. I was able to complete the menu (with a few revisions) in about a week while at work on my down time and a few hours at home .  Continue reading “What I’ve Been Working On”

Half Year Recap: Reflect, Re-Route, Recharge

We approaching the half way mark for the year on July 1st (182nd day of the year). A lot has happen so far and there a some things I wanted to happen, but didn’t. On the flip-side, there are things that happened that I didn’t expect!

As I’m writing this, it is the day after Summer solstice, the day after the International Day of Purpose. I’m mentioning this day because I really needed this day. On Tuesday, I was feeling lost, disappointed and just sad. I had a nice little cry. My career is not at all where I hoped and that is the story of many millennials and people in general. I have been see-sawing between feeling happy, content and feeling overwhelmed… two opposites. There hasn’t been much in-between. And with that analogy makes some sense, I’m not feeling balanced. I’m not consistent in my moods, which is okay until it gets out of hand. Continue reading “Half Year Recap: Reflect, Re-Route, Recharge”

Cremone bolts 

There isn’t much about the history of  cremone bolts besides their origin being from Europe, possibly France, as they are most commonly used on French doors or they may be named after Cremona, a city in northern Italy.

The definition of a cremone, according to Merriam Webster, is: a fastening used on double doors and casement windows that has vertical rods moved up and down so that the ends of the bolts engage the top and bottom of the frame.

Essentially, a cremone “cassette” (the box that holds the locking mechanism), is accompanied by a vertical rod set that operates with a lever or a knob. When the knob or lever is turned or pulled, the rods unlock and are locked when they are placed back into their resting position. These bolts are surface mounted for added security. Continue reading “Cremone bolts “

Hearing aid update 

I have had my hearing aids for almost two months now. My goodness…

One day, my left hearing aid’s battery died so, I took it out to change the battery. I had no idea just how bad my hearing was until that moment. I could hear simultaneously what I used to hear daily and what I can hear now. I knew I was missing out on so much, but this was still shocking. I remember a time my dad was walking to my apartment door from the elevator and he could hear my son crying all the way down the hall. Days that I would come home to my son crying, I wouldn’t know he was crying until I opened the door. Recently, I was leaving my apartment to go to work and my son didn’t want me to go. I could now hear his cry from the door all the way towards the elevator which is about 200+ feet away. Unbelievable. Now, I’m just wondering just how much I have missed all these years. Continue reading “Hearing aid update “

Universal Design: What else can be done?

(Featured Image from: Cobo Designer)

Universal design is a set of ideas for designing to be inclusive of all people with special emphasis on those who have a handicap and/or other disabilities/ medical conditions. This term and set of ideas originate from the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990) law and standards.

 While working in retail, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with people with various personalities and behaviors between training new-hires, engaging with my co-workers, and tending to customers. The experiences that have stayed with me are the encounters that went sideways. I ask myself, “what could I have done differently? Was there more that I could’ve done? What were my options at the time and did I think thoroughly enough or just reacted too quickly?” A few of those experiences were while interacting with customers. The encounters I’m addressing will be universal design related.

One weekend, I was working and spent some time managing the fitting room. During the weekends, it’s usually pretty busy in the fitting rooms so, I had to give customers a number according to the number of items they had and direct them to a vacant room to try own their garments. We had eight rooms in total with one of them being the handicap/wheelchair accessible fitting room. This room was to be left available for those who were trying on with wheelchairs, strollers or those who needed physical assistance while trying own their garments. Continue reading “Universal Design: What else can be done?”

Apartment Life (step 1)

I’m currently in the middle of brainstorming how I will be styling my apartment. It’s a work in progress due to lack of funds, but it is always fun to imagine how I’d like it to look in the meantime.

As I showed in a previous post, I am working on styling my apartment, specifically my bedroom and shelving unit/ entertainment center.

I made two vision boards; one for our bedroom and one for the living room… both works in progress.


Continue reading “Apartment Life (step 1)”

Wedding Bells?

I’m engaged, but no wedding date in sight. Realistically, spending 10G’s on a wedding is not something I need to be doing (because student loans). When I first got engaged in November, I was browsing wedding dresses and venues. I was thinking of themes for the wedding like a tropical beach wedding, a destination wedding, or even a garden wedding at the NY Botanical Gardens. I know, realistically, the most cost-efficient way to get married other than City Hall, is in our own house. We are apartment dwellers and a wedding in our one-bedroom apartment is obviously not happening.

The first order of business is possibly owning a townhouse or maybe even rent a house. We’re in limbo since we do want to move this year, but budget may not allow that. If we move next year, we’d have more money saved up, but the universal question is still, where should we move? Location, location, location. We don’t want to stay in our current city, but at the moment we can’t afford most places in nearby towns. Also, the location needs to be in a practical distance from our workplace because who wants to be commuting an hour or more to and from work?

I’d love to have a backyard wedding that I could plan and decorate. I wouldn’t mind doing some DIY centerpieces and goodies for the guests to take home. Our wedding wouldn’t be huge, maybe about 30- 45 or so people (close friends and family). I imagine having lots of greenery and flowers, definitely a garden-themed wedding. I’d have to have terrariums and succulents and splashes of  gold accents (because gold!). I have so many pins on my Pinterest for my future wedding under a board called, “Garden Nuptials”


Perfect blend of gold/greenery/flowers Continue reading “Wedding Bells?”